For twenty-five years, Cooking with Kids has nurtured generations of students through rich and unique nutrition education in public schools, and we are committed to raising the funds necessary to serve future generations.

Your contributions keep us rolling!

Cuando los niños estén sanos y tengan éxito en la escuela, ganamos todos.

Your contribution of any amount makes a difference!

$25 sponsors a family for one live online cooking night,

$100 provides one child with a year of Cooking with Kids,

and $2500 sponsors an entire classroom of kids for a year!

Keep Cooking with Kids rolling towards a healthy future!

Just select “Make this contribution…” monthly, quarterly, or yearly on the donation form.

A commemorative gift is a meaningful way to honor a wonderful person, celebrate a special occasion, or memorialize a loved one.

Si lo solicita, notificaremos a la familia o al homenajeado de su regalo.

Hacer un obsequio de acciones a Cooking with Kids nos ayuda a llegar a más niños en riesgo y es una opción inteligente de planificación fiscal.

¿Sabía que puede hacer un regalo libre de impuestos a Cooking with Kids desde su IRA? Obtenga más información sobre las “distribuciones caritativas calificadas”.

Un regalo heredado a través de su testamento, confianza o designación de beneficiario tiene un impacto duradero en el futuro de Cooking with Kids.

La Sociedad de Futuros Saludables was created during Cooking with Kids’ 25th anniversary to recognize donors who have made a generous commitment to Cooking with Kids’ continued success through outright contributions and planned gifts. Depending on the nature of these gifts, members of the Healthy Futures Society fall into one or more of the following categories:

Miembros de HFS Cornerstone have made an outright contribution of $2500 or more to Cooking with Kids in the past year.

Miembros heredados de HFS have included Cooking with Kids in their estate plans. Please completa este formulario to let us know if you have already done this.

Miembros visionarios de HFS have contributed to the Cooking with Kids Endowment. Contact Executive Director Anna Farrier at 505.438.0098 or to discuss your vision!

Membresía en el Sociedad de Futuros Saludables allows us to honor and celebrate the thoughtful generosity of our partners. We are able to maintain your membership confidentially if you choose to remain anonymous.

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