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Introducing new foods might feel like an even greater challenge these days...but getting your kids involved can actually help! Cooking gives kids a chance to explore foods with their other senses before it's time to taste, plus they start to take ownership in the food they've prepared. With that in mind, we hope the resources on this site will be a source of inspiration, fun, and family time.

With great love and admiration for all our home cooks and educators,
The Cooking with Kids Team

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Cooking with Kids educates and empowers children and families to make healthy food choices through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable foods.


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Started in 1995, Cooking with Kids works in school classrooms & cafeterias, providing free-of-cost nutrition education to over 5,000 children in Northern New Mexico.

When kids help prepare healthy foods, they’re more likely to eat and enjoy them!

On the Menu

View recipes that kids have cooked in classrooms this year!

East Asian Noodles

Inspired by Asian flavors and foods, this simple broth features ginger, soy sauce, carrots, and bok choy. Homemade egg noodles add that something special to this dish (plus kids LOVE rolling out dough!), but store-bought egg noodles make a great substitution on a school night!

Vegetable Paella

Paella is one of the most popular dishes from Spain, but you don’t need seafood or a fancy paella pan to make it! A large skillet works just fine–and the real star of this dish is actually the rice, which takes on a rich flavor as it simmers with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and spices.

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