I love Cooking with Kids. It's all about having fun with the schools. I'm hoping to show others that we need to feed our kids better, to make something fresh, natural, simple, and beautiful.

Chef Kai AutenriethFour Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado

Superchefs volunteer their time and talent in Cooking with Kids classes and school cafeterias, inspiring a new generation of chefs and healthy eaters.

When we met with the cafeteria team, we understood that the kiddos eating well is so important to them. We have been in their kitchens teaching them efficiencies, how to execute quality recipes, and how to simply add layers of flavor. We have bonded with them and they have such a special place in our hearts.

Chefs Jen and Evan Doughty

In School Classrooms

It’s a big deal when a Superchef visits a Cooking with Kids class! Kids are excited to work alongside our local culinary celebrities, who roll up their sleeves and bring home the message of healthy eating to eager junior chefs.

In School Cafeterias

Superchefs donate their time and talent to champion the growing efforts of public school cafeterias to use local food and cook from scratch.

In the Community

Superchefs are Cooking with Kids ambassadors! They strengthen our ties in the culinary community, help with fundraising events, and spread the word about Cooking with Kids.

“My favorite thing about Cooking with Kids is eating the food you made because you get to see how good of a chef you are.”

~Lucian, age 8

2019-2020 Participating Superchefs

  • Shane Alexander, El Farol

  • Kai Autenrieth, Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado

  • James Campbell Caruso, La Boca

  • Noé Cano, Santa Fe School of Cooking

  • Jerry Dakan, SFCC Culinary Program

  • Charles Dale, Dalicious Concepts

  • Evan Doughty, Santa Fe Brewing Company

  • Jen Doughty, Santa Fe School of Cooking

  • Rocky Durham, Blue Heron at Sunrise Springs

  • Renee Fox, Arable 

  • David Gaspar de Alba, Oni

  • Josh Gerwin, Dr. Field Goods Kitchen

  • Patrick Gharrity, 192 at The Blake

  • Xavier Grenet, L’Olivier

  • Hue-Chan Karels, Open Kitchen

  • Jeffrey Kaplan, Rowley Farmhouse Ales

  • Tom Kerpon, La Posada de Santa Fe

  • Hue-Chan Karels, Open Kitchen

  • Mark Kiffin, The Compound

  • Patrick Mares, Santa Fe School of Cooking

  • Kim Müller, B.O.T.H. Consulting

  • Ahmed Obo, Jambo Cafe

  • Peter O’Brien, Inn of the Anasazi

  • Annamaria O’Brien, Dolina

  • Fernando Olea, Sazón

  • Kyle Pacheco, Santa Fe School of Cooking

  • Cristian Pontiggia, Sassella

  • Marc Quiñones, Hotel Andaluz

  • Martín Rios, Restaurant Martín

  • Fernando Ruiz, Palace Prime Steak + Seafood

  • Sean Sinclair, Kin at Castañeda

  • Sancho Soeiro, Dish n’ Spoon Catering

  • David Sundberg, Harry’s Roadhouse

  • Johnny Vollertsen, Las Cosas Cooking School

  • Kate Wheeler, Savory Spice Shop

  • Joseph Wrede, Joseph’s of Santa Fe

  • Carlos Zozaya, Food Tour New Mexico