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How-To Videos

Available in English and Spanish!

We’re excited to present a series of videos for Cooking with Kids hands-on nutrition at home.

Free Tasting Lessons

New to using real food with kids?
Here’s a good place to start.

Fresh fruit and vegetable tasting lessons invite kids to explore healthy foods in a fun, relaxed setting. There’s no actual cooking involved, so this is an easy way to introduce hands-on learning.

Cooking Lessons

Come take a look at a cooking class!

Watch this quick video about our cooking classes in Northern New Mexico.

Resources for getting started

Free start-up resources and affordable pay-per-download cooking curriculum.

Cafeteria Resources

Resources for getting started

Cooking with Kids helps school cafeterias use local food, cook from scratch, and successfully introduce new foods into the cafeteria. Learn how you can help shift the conversation in school cafeterias and beyond.

School lunch recipes for your cafeteria

Download school lunch recipes inspired by foods cooked in Cooking with Kids classes!


Research shows that Cooking with Kids works!

When kids help make healthy foods, they’re more likely to eat and enjoy them.

Getting Started in Your Community

Ready to start cooking?

There’s no single recipe for every family or community…here are some ideas to get you rolling.

Nearly twenty-five years ago, Cooking with Kids founder Lynn Walters set out to improve school food. Here’s what happened next.

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