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The Cooking with Kids BIG little Project has gotten even BIGGER!

We’re excited to share Cooking with Kids’ NEW resource platform: The BIG little Project!

Access lessons, recipes, videos, and inspiration developed by Cooking with Kids over the past 25+ years. Kid-tested. Teacher-approved. Start cooking up your own BIG little Project today!

This new platform provides resources created by Cooking with Kids, Inc. to educators and families in an effort to support, facilitate, and nurture experiences where grown-ups and kids explore and cook healthy food together.

(Looking for the incredible photographs that inspired this whole thing? View the gallery here!)

Littles only get to experience the kitchen when the BIGs in their lives invite them in.

Here’s how it all started.

In 2020, Cooking with Kids, Inc. began collaborating with photographer Gabriella Marks and creative director Robert Nachman to create a series of photographs that could serve as a promotional campaign to encourage adults to cook with the kids in their lives. What followed was a collection of heart-warming photographs that inspired us all—and did an incredible job of capturing the joyful and essential role grown-ups play in helping kids develop healthy relationships with food.

Cooking with Kids is the original BIG little Project.

We plan to continue sharing the message that kids everywhere need and benefit from positive experiences with healthy food.

So we’re going to keep adding to this gallery! We want to highlight not only chefs, but also educators, farmers, family members and volunteers who make time year in and year out to share their knowledge and love of cooking with the children of Northern New Mexico.

Being little has never been so BIG.

Thank you, Molina Health Care New Mexico!

Thanks to their generosity, New Mexico residents can download ALL resources on for FREE.

Cooking with Kids, Inc. is working hard to find underwriting to provide resources and support to everyone for free.

If you know of a potential sponsor for your area, please contact us.

‘BIG little Project’ Trailer:

‘BIG little Project’ Feature Film:

BIG CHEF Cristian
& little chef Leo

Chef Cristian Pontigga, Sassella

BIG CHEF Fernando
& little chefs Julian and Elliot

Chef Fernando Olea, Sazón

BIG CHEF Fernando
& little chef M.J.

Chef Fernando Ruiz, NANDOLLC

& little chef Grey

Chef Johnny Vee, Las Cosas Cooking School

BIG CHEF Kathleen
& little chef Sharlotte

Chef Kathleen Crook, Market Steer Steakhouse

& little chef London

Chef Mark Kiffin, The Compound

& little chefs Dylan and Jameson

Chef Shane Alexander, Bishop’s Lodge, Auberge Resorts Collection

& little chefs Aria and Jial

Chef Jen Doughty, Santa Fe School of Cooking

& little chefs Aria and Jial

Chef Jacqueline Gibbs, Santa Fe YouthWorks

BIG CHEFS Jen and Jackie
& little chefs Aria and Jial

Cooking with Kids also accepts donations through Guidestar:

Cooking with Kids on Guidestar

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