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I think Cooking with Kids really helps add something different to the school and makes a positive impact on the whole school community.

Kindergarten teacherSweeney Elementary School, Santa Fe, NM

Cooking with Kids has developed expertise in a number of areas through the years. We can offer support and technical assistance to help others considering options for getting started in their own school communities or other organizations.

Just getting started?

Browse our recipe box for ideas.

Use this handy resource to choose the starting point that best fits your community’s needs and resources.

Read through your resources.

Check out our free tasting lessons and this helpful “Getting Started” cooking class resource. We also offer affordable pay-per-download cooking lessons for elementary kids of all ages!

Gather your key ingredients.

People want to help, and we’ve discovered that most often, all you have to do is ask! Scroll down for more ideas about how to involve the different stakeholders in your community.

I like to come and cook with my son. I like to spend time with him, see that he is interested in learning how to cook new things, and see the teachers' interest in teaching the children more about healthy eating.

Parent, César Chávez Community SchoolSanta Fe, New Mexico

Families and Schools

Bringing families together.

Cooking classes provide a non-intimidating environment where family volunteers feel they can contribute with their knowledge of food, cooking, and a desire to help their child.

Supporting school community.

Cooking with Kids classes are welcoming opportunities for parents and family members to be a part of school community. Principals report that Cooking with Kids programs bring in more volunteers than other programs associated with the school.

Creating a classroom-to-kitchen bridge.

New foods take time. Positive, hands-on experience with new, healthy foods during the school day supports healthy eating efforts at home.

Culinary Community

Learn how local chefs in Santa Fe and Rio Arriba Counties are inspiring a new generation of chefs and healthy eaters.

Reach out to chefs in your community.

Reach out to your local Restaurant Association or check out the Chefs Move to Schools website to see if any chefs in your area are looking to get involved.

Invite a chef to a class.

Consider inviting a local chef to help out with a cooking class or to demonstrate a simple recipe.

Farming Community

Learn how Cooking with Kids connects kids with local produce and farmers in Northern New Mexico.

Learn about other Farm to School initiatives.

Find out what’s already happening in your area OR get inspired by other initiatives around the country on the National Farm to School Network‘s website.

Invite a farmer to a class.

Local farmers are wonderful guest stars in cooking or tasting classes! Here in Northern New Mexico the chilly winter months allow farmers a bit more time to visit schools.

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