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I love cooking because it makes me happy and it smells good.

Simon, age 9Cooking with Kids participant

Come take a look at a cooking class!

Watch this quick video about our cooking classes in Northern New Mexico.

Cooking with Kids provides hands-on learning with real food to over 5,000 elementary school students. Cooking classes are fun and positive experiences with healthy foods.

We use real food with real kids.

And they eat it! What’s our secret? Kids are more excited about tasting foods that they have washed, whisked, measured, mixed, sliced, diced, minced, mashed, torn, or tossed.

Our lessons are research-tested.

When kids help prepare healthy foods, they’re more likely to eat and enjoy them! Read more about the USDA-funded research conducted by Colorado State University.

Use our lessons to cook with the kids in your life.

Cooking matters.

We tell our students, “We take care of ourselves when we cook. We use math and science when we cook. We learn about our world when we cook.”

Our recipes are kid-tested and kid-approved.

Our recipes have been rigorously tested over the past 20 years with over 35,000 kids.

Our cooking lessons support academics.

Cooking with Kids provides hands-on opportunities for students to practice essential literacy and math skills. Supplemental activities are aligned with standards in Health, Science, Mathematics, and English Language Arts & Literacy.

Cooking Lessons for Download

View a Sample Cooking Lesson

Cooking Lessons are available for grades K-1, 2-3, or 4-5

Lessons include:

  • Step-by-step instructions and time estimates for a 2-hour cooking class
  • Kid-friendly classroom recipes in English and Spanish
  • English and Spanish student materials (includes food and nutrition information)
  • Suggestions for enrichment activities
  • English and Spanish take-home recipes for families
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