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CWK works! New published research!

USDA-funded research conducted by Colorado State University

We’re very excited to be part of ongoing USDA-funded research conducted by Colorado State University. For several years, researchers evaluated the impact on fourth graders participating in Cooking with Kids’ hands-on nutrition education, first in our programs in Santa Fe, and then in a pilot program in Colorado. Findings were recently published in Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior and Childhood Obesity.

“Cooking with Kids increased fruit and vegetable preferences, especially with vegetables. Greatest gains in preferences and self-efficacy were seen in boys without prior cooking experience. For fourth graders, experiential nutrition education improved cognitive behaviors that may mediate healthful food choices.”

Cunningham-Sabo, L. and Lohse, B. Impact of a School-Based Cooking Curriculum for Fourth-Grade Students on Attitudes and Behaviors Is Influenced by Gender and Prior Cooking Experience. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior – March 2014 (Vol. 46, Issue 2, Pages 110-120, DOI: 10.1016/j.jneb.2013.09.007)

Link to abstract: Impact of a School-based Cooking Curriculum 2014 JNEB

Link to article (paid subscription required): Cooking with Kids Positively Affects Fourth Graders’ Vegetable Preferences and Attitudes and Self-Efficacy for Food and Cooking 2013 Childhood Obesity

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